5 Unique Ways Self Storage Can Make Your Life Easier

Self storage is a great tool to use during a move, in between college semesters, or to help keep your office clutter-free. But there are more ways you can take advantage of the space and convenience that a self storage unit at Go Store It can offer. From document storage to an off-site DIY workshop, a storage unit can serve your unique lifestyle needs in these ways.

1. A Self Storage Unit Can Help You Get Fit

If you’d love a home gym but don’t have the space for it, a storage unit could be just what you need. Maybe you’re looking for a private spot to perform your yoga routine, a space to put your weight machines, or a space for your treadmill and rowing machine. Or maybe you’ve always wanted your own dance studio. A 10′ x 10′ storage unit can help you stay fit without using up valuable square footage in your home.

2. A Self Storage Unit Can Help You Manage Your Business

Whether you already own a business or want to start one, a storage unit offers a low-cost space to help keep you organized. From stashing supplies for your Etsy store to storing couches and coffee tables for your upcycling second-hand furniture store, a storage unit provides a secure place to store these items and to help keep your workplace neat and clutter-free. Some of our commercial storage customers use our units to:

  • Store inventory and excess products
  • Store documents
  • Safeguard costly or bulky equipment
  • Store office and retail furniture

When you rent a storage unit at Go Store It, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of our delivery acceptance program that allows you to get business packages sent right to your storage unit for utmost convenience.

3. Get Crafty With Self Storage

Storage units are the perfect solution for a range of art storage needs. Consider placing fine art, your framed poster collection, or art and craft supplies in off-site storage. Your valuable collection or essential supplies will be kept safe and secure without invading your living space. Keep paintings in order and off the floor of your unit with art storage racks or shelving. Organize craft and art supplies with inexpensive cases for easy transport. The addition of a comfy stool and table can even transform your unit into a cozy DIY workshop.

4. Baby Your Bottles With Self Storage

What’s one downside of being a wine enthusiast? Not having the space and environment you need to store all of the eclectic wine bottles you collect over time. This is why off-site wine storage is a growing trend across the country.  Some wine enthusiasts don’t have room for a wine cellar while others want the convenience and safety of storing their bottles away from home. Placing your wine in a storage unit offers these benefits:

  • safeguarding delicate wines from light
  • avoiding vibrations from home electronics
  • protecting fragile bottles from active children and pets
  • keeping temperatures and humidity steady in a climate-controlled unit

If you plan on storing wine in a storage unit, be sure to wrap your bottles and place them on their sides in stored furniture, or use wine racks to ensure that your wine stays horizontal to keep corks wet.

5. Give Your Home a Makeover

Instead of wiggling your way through cluttered furniture and being extra cautious when painting, consider renting a storage unit during your next home makeover. A self storage unit can help keep you and your contractors organized during renovations. Keep your furniture out of harm’s way, and give the construction crew plenty of elbow room while they spiff up your living space by renting a temporary storage unit. Our customers typically rent a storage unit during home improvement endeavors such as:

  • Painting
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Deck installations

If you’re moving to a brand-new home, placing your belongings in self storage helps make moving, cleaning, unpacking, and other relocation-related tasks easier.

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