Vehicle Storage

While owning a vehicle opens up a world of recreation and travel, you’ll need a secure place to store your vehicle for when your travels are done. At select Go Store It locations, we offer the best vehicle storage units around. Whether you’re parking a hot rod or a trailer, our flexible and convenient vehicle storage solutions help give you peace of mind.

Benefits of Having Vehicle Storage

Renting a vehicle storage unit at Go Store It comes with many perks and advantages over alternative options. Here are some of the benefits of our vehicle storage that we greatly value:

Types of Vehicle Storage

Throughout each qualifying Go Store It location, there are several types of vehicle storage units for you to choose from. Each option is fit for different purposes and provides benefits based on your storage needs. Our types of vehicle storage units are as follows:

Outdoor Vehicle Parking

If you’re tight on a budget and still need a secure place to park your vehicle, look no further than our outdoor vehicle parking units. Our outdoor parking spaces are the simplest and most cost-effective ways to store your vehicle. Each qualifying storage facility provides different unit sizes to accommodate your vehicle.

Covered Vehicle Parking

Equipped with overhead covering above each of these vehicle parking spaces, our covered parking offers an extra layer of protection from weather-related conditions such as snow, rain, or hail. While the weather can be unpredictable, our covered vehicle parking can help you prepare for whatever may come.

Indoor Vehicle Storage

If any of our drive-up storage units can fit your vehicle, simply pull in and give your vehicle the most protection possible with indoor vehicle storage. In addition to the convenient nature of our indoor vehicle storage, some of our units are climate controlled, making them perfect for storing your vehicle long term.

Tips for Vehicle Storage

To ensure that your vehicle is well prepped for the offseason, here are a few tips that can help you prepare your vehicle for storage:

For additional information about how to make moving your vehicle in as easy a process as possible, visit our storage tips page here.

Find Vehicle Storage at Go Store It Today!

Don’t leave your vehicle out in your driveway or curb when there’s a more secure and convenient option available at Go Store It. At affordable month-to-month rates, you can properly shield your vehicle from the elements without having to break the bank. Rent one of the best vehicle storage units today by finding your nearest Go Store It location online!