Packing and Storage Tips

No matter if you’re storing your belongings for the short or long term, it’s crucial to properly pack them before moving everything to a storage unit. Being prepared with the necessary packing and moving supplies is key to a smooth move-in and self storage experience.

Go Store It Self Storage is here to offer some helpful packing tips and storage hacks for keeping your possessions protected in your storage unit.

Packing Tips for Moving into Your Storage Unit

For maximum convenience, protection, and space efficiency, reference the following packing tips to help get your things ready for storage:

Self Storage Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of your storage unit—and help ensure your stored items remain in good shape—reference the following self storage tips:

What Not to Keep in Your Storage Unit

Even though a storage rental is your space to use, there are still some basic ground rules. You should refrain from using a storage unit to store anything that falls into the following categories: