Climate-Controlled Storage

At Go Store It, we provide high-quality climate-controlled storage at several of our locations. These units can be used for a variety of purposes, both residential and commercial

Climate-controlled storage is in demand throughout parts of the country that are prone to extreme temperatures. Whether you’re dealing with the hot summers of the South or thunderstorms and colder climates in the Midwest, climate-controlled self storage helps keep your belongings secure from the elements. 

What Is Climate-Controlled Storage?

A climate-controlled storage unit is a space that keeps a regulated and stable temperature at all times. These units are typically used to protect certain temperature-sensitive items from extreme heat or cold.

Similar to non-climate-controlled storage, these units come in many different sizes to better accommodate your needs. Climate-controlled self storage can also be used to make room in personal and commercial space.

Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

When you’re in need of storage and are unsure if climate-controlled units will work best for you, it’s best to consider the following before you decide:

  1. What items do I plan to store in my unit? 
  2. Do I plan to rent out my storage unit long-term?
  3. Is the area I’m renting self storage in likely to experience extreme climates? 

If you answered yes to questions two or three and have a list of temperature-sensitive belongings for question one, a climate-controlled storage unit is your best choice. 

What Can I Store in Climate-Controlled Storage?

Many common household items that can benefit from climate-controlled storage are sensitive to extreme temperatures. As a result, these items can suffer damage such as rusting, warping, cracking, tearing, and wearing if not properly stored. Some common temperature-sensitive items include:

If you’re unsure of whether your belongings would benefit from a climate-controlled storage unit, contact us online or call us and we’d be happy to provide you with more information. 

How Much Does Climate-Controlled Storage Cost? 

Many factors come into play when determining the price of climate-controlled self storage. Some factors that determine your price include the size of your unit, the facility you rent from, and whether you qualify for any discounts.

Typically, climate-controlled self storage is roughly 20% more expensive than non-climate-controlled units. However, the damage you can prevent on your temperature-sensitive belongings makes climate-controlled self storage worth it. 

If you want a more accurate estimate of what you’d be paying for climate-controlled self storage, reach out to your nearest Go Store It location today.

Find Climate-Controlled Self Storage at Go Store It Today

For when the elements become too much for your temperature-sensitive items to bear, your best solution is to get the best climate-controlled self storage at Go Store It. Whether you’re resisting harsh winter storms or the blazing summer sun, you can count on us. 

To rent or reserve climate-controlled self storage, give us a call, contact us, and browse your nearest Go Store It location’s available units online today! If you have any questions, visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions about self storage, including climate-controlled units.