Classroom Storage Tips for Teachers

As the autumn months arrive, so does the school year. That means it’s time to prepare your classroom for the next round of students to grow and learn under your care.

But you can grow and learn, too, and we want to help you bring your classroom experience to the next level this year. Go Store It Self Storage has put together a list of teacher storage tips and school supply storage techniques so your classroom organization can be the best it can be.

Use Colors to Your Advantage

Whether it’s for folders, binders, bins, or some other application, employing color organization in your classroom is a fun way to make it look more interesting while also remaining intuitive. Especially useful for younger students, one way to take advantage of colors is to assign each to a subject: red for math, blue for English, etc.

Vertical Classroom Storage

Make the most of your space by using any built-in cabinets along with adding some of your own. If you have empty wall space, convert it into additional storage with your preference of vertical storage unit or multi-drawer cart for a mobile option.

Create Opportunities for Self-Expression

Give each student an opportunity to customize their belongings, their desk, their mailbox, or something else that they expect to use every day. Not only does this give them a much-needed creative outlet, but it also ensures no confusion about whose belongings are whose.

Make a “Check Out” List

Whenever your students “check out” anything they’re going to use to fill their spare time (like books or painting supplies), have them mark down their names, when they took those things out, and when they were returned. This may seem simple, but it can go a long way in ensuring you know the location of every item as well as fostering both responsibility and trust in your students.

Extra Teacher Storage Space for Schools and Classrooms

If you find yourself with some supplies that you don’t always need in the classroom, or if your classroom storage is a little bit tight, allow Go Store It to be your solution.

Our facilities and staff are here to be a resource for teachers with excess equipment not currently in use. Offering a variety of self storage units, we can keep your belongings and classroom items protected in a central location for whenever you might need them again—especially ideal during the summer months when school is out. Find a unit near you and free up more classroom space today!

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