College Student Self Storage: Your Space Solution Between Semesters

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Your schedule can get a little crazy during the school year, making midterm and summer breaks much-needed distractions from your routine. Whether you’re working or relaxing, you’ll need a place for your things. Self storage offers the perfect way to keep off-season clothes, bulky sports gear and other belongings you’re not using at the moment secure.

Why You Need College Student Storage

Unlike moves you might have made with your family as a kid, moving back home between semesters is a temporary thing. Taking everything to your parents’ house during academic breaks—especially summer break—can be a major hassle. Consider budgeting some of the money you need at college for student storage so you have a secure place to keep your belongings at the ready.

Here are some other reasons summer storage can be helpful:

  • Self storage gives you more privacy.
  • It’s less expensive than shipping everything home.
  • It helps keep your room at home tidy and a place you want to be.

You can even choose a climate-controlled storage unit to keep electronics, collectibles, delicate fabrics, and expensive items safe. Humidity and temperature are kept at steady levels in these units for added protection from damage by the elements.

Summer Storage Is Convenient

Putting your things in self storage during the summer gives you peace of mind. Luckily, it’s also really convenient. Our size guide is here to help you choose the right unit, and you can reserve a space online at any time. Automatic and online payments are available, and you can purchase boxes, mattress covers and other packing and moving supplies for storing and protecting your belongings.

How to Properly Store Your Belongings

When you head back to school after breaks or in the fall, you’ll be glad you kept your belongings in self storage—if you took an organized approach to summer storage, that is. Storing your stuff the right way protects it from damage and keeps it tidy so you know where everything is.

Easy access and organization are the keys to making the most of summer storage. So that you don’t have to wade through boxes and bags looking for back-to-school essentials when you return to college, keep in mind these tips:

  • Try not to stack unevenly sized boxes to prevent crushing and falling.
  • Wrap furniture in blankets to protect it from scratches, and clean your microwave and other appliances before storing them.
  • Place seldom-used items in the back of the unit so you have easy access to the things you need in the front.

Find Student Storage in NC, SC, GA, FL, and Other States

College student storage means one less worry when you start the new semester or come back from midterm breaks. Keep your belongings safe, your room tidy, and your privacy intact by investing in summer storage. No matter if you opt for climate-controlled storage or a standard drive-up unit, knowing your items are protected makes for a more relaxing break. If you have questions, Go Store It’s friendly team members are here to help. Already know what type of unit you want? Go ahead and locate your nearest storage facility, then reserve a space today! Renting self storage online can offer great rates and specials to help you save.

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