Commercial Storage: An Unique Solution for eCommerce Entrepreneurs

Own your own e-commerce business? Work in online sales and have additional merchandise or samples you need to store? Investing in a business storage solution opens up more space for your inventory—and it can also save you time with added perks such as package acceptance. If you’re running an online shop in Asheville, NC, and need commercial storage, Go Store It has the self storage units and amenities to accommodate.

Business Storage Units and Benefits for Your Bottom Line

Climate-Controlled Storage to Prevent Damage

Not everyone has room in their home to keep all their merchandise and other inventory. It’s never wise to store products in basements or attics, as they’re prone to high humidity levels and inconsistent temperatures. All our Asheville storage facilities offer climate-controlled storage units, which maintain even temperatures to help safeguard your inventory—no matter the season. These interior units and keep your electronics, paper goods, and other merchandise protected from humidity and extreme temperatures.

Top-Notch Security

You shouldn’t have to upgrade your home security system just to store your inventory in a spare room. Our self storage units are always monitored by 24-hour video surveillance. Each unit is also protected with disc locks, offering greater security than a traditional padlock. The property is well-lit, and we provide a tenant insurance program for added peace of mind.

Packing Supplies within Arm’s Reach

Running an online business is a lot work: You have to handle everything from receiving packages to packing and sending the merchandise to your customers. When you store your inventory in self storage, you have access to packing materials easily within reach. Our storage facility has moving and packing supplies on hand, so you can either prepare your supplies for storage or pack items to ship out to your customers. Plus, some of our Asheville facilities offer delivery acceptance on site for your convenience.

Secure a Self Storage Unit for Your Inventory

You don’t have to move your online business to a physical location just to get more room for inventory. Go Store It provides storage units in Asheville, NC, to help with your e-commerce business and inventory management. We’ll help you pick out a commercial self storage space that not only fits your needs but also your budget, keeping your finances in check while you have the necessary space for your merchandise. Find an Asheville storage facility near you today to get started storing!

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