Drive-Up Storage Access vs. Indoor Storage Units

Convenience is adaptable. In the modern day, you have more options than ever when looking for a self storage unit that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you’re seeking some extra space in the short term or for the long haul, it’s important you know your options.

Luckily, we did some of the legwork to make it easy. Go Store It lays out pros and cons of both drive-up storage access as well as indoor storage, so you can get a better idea of each and make the most informed decision about which is best for you.

Pros and Cons: Drive-Up Access


  • Plenty of space. In a way, drive-up access storage units are most similar to a garage. Like most garages, they play host to ample space. In some scenarios, they can double as covered vehicle parking for storing cars and boats.
  • Ease of access. As the name implies, the greatest quality of drive-up access storage units is that you can quite literally pull up a vehicle outside of them. This makes the transportation of belongings from storage to your vehicle as easy as it could possibly be, and this is often the primary reason someone chooses this type of storage over others.


  • Subject to influence of the elements. Because drive-up storage units are inherently an outdoor-exclusive amenity, there’s less control over temperature and climate. Although this doesn’t run the risk of outright ruining most belongings, you might want to consider indoor options for storing items more sensitive to changes in weather.
  • Less variety. When on the market for drive-up storage, there may be limited selections at any given location. They are large enough this isn’t usually an issue, but it’s worth considering if you have very specific dimension needs.

Pros and Cons: Indoor Storage


  • Climate control. Indoor self storage units offer more than their outdoor counterparts in terms of environmental protection. As most indoor storage is located in a warehouse or similar building, there’s extra consideration put towards maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level, which in turn better preserves your belongings. In fact, many indoor units are fully climate-controlled.
  • More options. To accommodate a wide variety of needs, self storage providers like Go Store It offer prospective renters many storage options with dimensions ranging from a small closet to a shed to a large garage. For a visual representation of your options, check out our size guide.


  • Maneuverability. Unlike storage units with drive-up access, transporting items to and from indoor storage will require you to navigate your belongings through the facility. While this process is simple and streamlined, it will still be slightly more difficult than with outdoor options.

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