Five Easy Ways To Make Your House Look Nicer

Having a high-end-looking home is a challenge when you’re always on the go or have a family. Home renovation and decoration are never cheap, and no one wants to waste money on an interior designer. Whether you’re looking to put your old home on the market or spice up your living space, there are many affordable, simplistic ways to fix up your home and make it look nicer. Here are five easy ways to make your home look nicer instantly.

1. Keep Things Clean

Keeping your home clean may seem like a given, and we know it’s hard to clean when you’re always on the go or chasing a little one around. Cleaning and organizing a house as you go through daily tasks to keep up with it makes a huge difference. You’d be surprised how much nicer your living space looks when it’s free of toys, clothes, and other messes. Buying tubs, bins, and organizers to keep things stored away can help prevent your home from becoming a mess. That way, all your items have a specific spot, are organized, and are easily found.

Additionally, wiping down countertops and coffee tables and freeing the floor of crumbs and messes helps keep your house looking neat and updated. Cleaning your home is easy and affordable, and by performing these weekly chores, you can take your home from boring and messy to high end in the simplest way possible.

An example of a minimalist living room

2. Minimalism

When you live a minimalist lifestyle, you strive to use and do things that serve a purpose. It can be hard to minimalize your entire house at once, so it helps to start with one room at a time. Minimalizing your home is all about simplicity. It’s essential to only include items that serve a purpose and enhance your space. One way to minimalize your home is decluttering. This starts with getting rid of extra items throughout your house that you don’t need and that don’t complement the space.

If you want to get rid of antiques or extra furniture throughout your home but don’t want to throw them away, Go Store It has the best solution for you: self storage! Self storage is the perfect option to help you practice minimalism in your home. When you rent a self storage space at Go Store It, we keep your items secure and protected and even offer climate-controlled units. Keep your home looking simple with the help of a self storage unit and have access to your belongings at any time!

Once you’ve decluttered and stored your belongings in a storage unit, the next step to practicing minimalism throughout your home is taking advantage of neutral colors. Painting a room and determining the color scheme is one of the most difficult tasks when putting your home together. When you’re looking for elegance, choose something bold and dramatic or soft, understated colors. This goes for furniture, paint, and other accessories throughout your home. Using neutral colors automatically creates an expensive feeling without being too pricey.

3. Natural Lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference in your home and can add elegance that takes your home from dull to beautiful with the flip of a switch. Many contractors these days will add many light fixtures throughout a home to brighten it up and add interest to a space. When a room is dark and dull, it takes away from how nice it can look. Adding light fixtures throughout and having natural light beams through your windows will add that extra elegance you are looking for.

A couple sits on the floor going over different paint color samples

4. Painting

As a house ages, so does the paint job. Painting the inside and outside of your home helps keep your house up to par. Things happen, walls get damaged, and paint chips, so keeping an extra paint can with the perfect neutral color is an easy fix and will help keep your house looking new. The great thing about having an extra paint can handy is you can do it yourself! No need to hire a professional when you have a brush in hand. Touch-ups are simple and can even turn into a fun DIY project!

5. Landscaping

The first thing people will see when they approach your home is the outside. Keeping up with yard work and landscaping is a must if you want your house to look nice. The great thing about landscaping is how easy it is. Mowing your lawn frequently, keeping your grass green, and clipping bushes are day-to-day tasks that don’t take much effort. Another way you can spruce up the outside of your home is by adding flowers and plants surrounded by mulch or rocks. It doesn’t take more than a few to make your home look fancy and well kept.

Another key to making the outside of your home look nicer is to clear the driveway. When you don’t have the garage space and need your extra vehicles out of the way, bring them to Go Store It, and we will take them off your hands with our quality surveillance vehicle storage.

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