Tips for Garage Storage and Organization at Home

The transition into summer means warmer weather, giving you a reason to clean and organize at home. You may find yourself taking advantage of the sunny outdoors to tackle the disorganization in your garage. If clutter has filled all your storage space from floor to ceiling, you might not even have enough space for your car anymore.

This can be overwhelming, which is why Go Store It Self Storage wants to share garage organization and storage tips to help you maximize and gain your garage space back—just in time for summer.

Planning and Sorting Your Items

First, start with a plan. Have a vision of how you want your garage storage to look after all your hard work. Also, when reorganizing your garage, keep in mind how much time it may take or if you’ll need to recruit any help.

To best maximize your garage space, you will want to look through everything. Cleaning both what is visible as well as what’s been hiding in containers for years is a good starting point. Once you’ve got an inventory, it’s time to make some decisions. Divide your belongings into piles as you clean to make it easier to organize later. Sort piles into what you absolutely need to keep, what you can donate, what you can throw away, and what you can put in your storage unit.

Organizing Your Garage Storage

Once you have cleared the clutter and done some sorting, it’s time for the actual garage organization. If you love to garden, keep the tools together with hooks or hanging organizers. If your kids play sports, store the equipment together. As you find a system that works best for you and your family, make sure to place frequently-used items in accessible areas.

Refer back to your plan and think about what kinds of containers work best for your garage space. For example, you may want to consider storing smaller items in clear containers for better visibility. Additionally, no matter what type of container you choose, create labels for the outside so you will never have to question what is in your garage.

Take advantage of every cubic inch of your garage—especially vertical space. To make room for your car, utilize your wall and even ceiling space by installing shelving, cabinets, and more to keep the floor clear. Gaining your garage back means you can use it any way you want, whether that be a workshop, craft room, or for entertainment.

After organizing your garage, you aren’t finished just yet. Consider how you can keep your garage storage organized. Do this by creating an organizing schedule that helps ensure you’re more likely to actually do it. If you maintain your garage storage and organization throughout the year, you won’t be overwhelmed and have to start all over again when next summer rolls around.

Need more space? Find a self storage facility near you.

While organizing your garage storage, you may have come across things you simply couldn’t part with but don’t necessarily have the room for in your home or garage. Whether it be sentimental items or seasonal decorations, a self storage unit may be exactly what you’re seeking for them.

Keep your car safe and sheltered in your newly organized garage, and check out space solutions for your extra belongings from Go Store It’s varying storage unit size options. Find a self storage location near you today to get the space you need to maintain a tidy garage year round.

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