How Many Boxes Do I Need for My Move?

Pile of moving boxes.

Times of transition can be exciting, but if unprepared, they run the risk of becoming stressful. Whether you’re moving to Pooler, GA, as an individual, a family, or some other arrangement, knowing the number and types of boxes you’ll need for all of your belongings is imperative to an efficient moving process.

No matter if you adhere to the trending minimalist lifestyle, own a storied collection of possessions, or something in between, Go Store It is no stranger to the process of storing and preserving what is important to you. It’s our mission to provide awareness of all your options, whether that’s utilizing one of our many self storage unit options to make your migration as easy as possible or simply lending you the moving tips we’ve garnered from years in the storage industry.

Understanding Different Boxes

Moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes for any number of items, but some efforts have been made to help streamline the selection process. The following are a series of general sizes for you to consider:

  • A medium box is about 18”x14”x12”
  • A large box is about 20”x20”x15”
  • An extra-large box is about 23”x23”x16”
  • A picture box is about 30”x40”

These should be regarded as a rule-of-thumb, not the final word on packing options. Depending on what you need to move during the transition, you can find other boxes of larger or smaller sizes as well as more unique items, such as wardrobe boxes for clothing, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, and other packing supplies. It’s important to remember that too much weight inside a single box can be difficult to carry and might damage the bottom of the box, so you’ll want something you or your moving team can manage.

Estimated Box Count

The expected box count required for a given move can change depending on the number of belongings involved. The more people and space you need to account for, the more boxes will be required to safely transfer all of your items.

That said, based on an average number of belongings for a single individual in a 1-bedroom household/apartment, you can expect to need approximately:

  • 20 medium boxes
  • 14 large boxes
  • 6 large boxes
  • 4 picture boxes
  • a couple of wardrobe boxes (if you prefer not to fold your nicer clothes during transition)

However, there are a number of potential caveats. In some circumstances, not everyone in your household is moving boxes at once—so if you move efficiently around the schedules of others, you might be able to share boxes with multiple individuals. Using dresser drawers, trash cans, and other containers for impromptu storage, though not as safe for your belongings, is also an option.

Self Storage for Your Boxes

Occasionally, the moving process can take a long time to complete, in which case it might be in your best interest to temporarily store some of your belongings. This will allow you a cushion of security while you transport your more immediately important items, such as furniture and appliances.

Fortunately, Go Store It has a variety of storage units in Pooler, GA, suitable for every moving event—ranging from 25 to 500 square feet of space. Plus, we sell packing and moving supplies on site so you can find reliable materials to protect your items in transit. Rent or reserve online today!  

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