How Self Storage Can Help You Organize Your Seasonal Sports Equipment

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Sports equipment is a vital part of how we play the games we love. After all, you’ll want the tools needed to win the game! But when you have limited space to keep all your equipment, it makes organizing and storing your gear an entire game itself.

When the offseason rolls around, renting a storage unit can provide your sports equipment the space you need to keep all your gear in check. In this blog post, our team at Go Store It will offer you reasons self storage is your best choice for storing your seasonal sports equipment.

Why Should I Put My Seasonal Sports Equipment in Self Storage?

There’s a wide variety of reasons you should put your seasonal sports equipment in self storage. First, while at-home methods and tricks exist, self storage can help declutter your home in ways a closet doesn’t have room for. Second, in the long term, self storage can help prevent damage to your equipment. In addition to all this, it’s smart to have a place where, if needed, you can access your equipment year-round.

Different Types of Sports Storage

Once you move forward with renting sports storage, you will need to decide how you’ll use your unit. Various types of sports storage exist for different kinds of equipment. Let’s explore some of the common ways sports storage is used.

Gym Equipment Storage

Gym equipment storage is made infinitely easier when you rent out a storage unit. Whether you store an exercise ball, weights, mats, or all these and more, gym equipment storage is an affordable way to give your gear the protection it needs. For further protection against extreme temperatures, consider getting a climate-controlled storage unit.

Outdoor Bike Storage

Outdoor bikes are another common sight among sports storage units. In order to avoid damage from prolonged weather exposure, outdoor bike storage is a great option for those who don’t have the space or tools to store their ride at home. If you plan on storing your bike long term, remember to clean, lubricate, and cover it before you store it.

How To Prepare Your Sports Equipment for Storage

Once you’ve selected your sports storage type, it’s time to prepare your equipment for move-in! With a little effort and care, you can keep your seasonal sports equipment secure and better protected while in self storage. Here are some of our recommendations on how you can prepare your equipment for storage:

  • Wash equipment down with hot soapy water.
  • Wipe down equipment with a clean rag.
  • Place any sports balls in stretchable bags.
  • Keep bats and rackets upright in a stand or box.

Store Your Seasonal Sports Equipment at Go Store It

For the best seasonal sports equipment storage near you, turn to Go Store It. With no long-term commitments attached, you can keep the gear you don’t need year-round inside our secure self storage. With many different unit sizes and types to choose from, you’ll find your perfect storage solution with us. Get started by finding your nearest Go Store It location or calling our team to rent and reserve your storage unit today!

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