How To Prepare Your Home for the Fall

As summer fun makes way for cozy autumn weather, your home can benefit from some pre-fall maintenance. From repairing your gutters and inspecting your roof to finding the perfect patio furniture storage solution, taking care of these tasks now will leave you free to enjoy everything you love about fall.

Prep for Patio Furniture Storage

Patio furniture may be made for the outdoors, but it’s designed for fun in the sun, not snowy days or icy rain. Use these cleaning methods to keep all types of patio furniture in tip-top shape.

Plastic Patio Furniture

Spray furniture down with a hose to help remove surface-level dirt and grime. Be careful not to use too much pressure—thin plastic patio furniture may crack or split. Then brush it all over with a solution of one tablespoon of laundry soap per gallon of hot water before giving it a final rinse and letting it dry in the sun.

Wood and Wicker Patio Furniture

Gently brush off debris with a nylon-bristled brush, careful not to scratch or damage the wood finish. Then wash the furniture with warm, soapy water (oil soap works great) and allow it to dry in the sun. Make sure to let wooden patio furniture dry completely before storing it to prevent mildew.

Metal Patio Furniture

Spray furniture all over with a hose to remove dirt and grime. Use a solution of dish soap and lukewarm water, applied with a microfiber cloth, to loosen and remove tough stains. Make sure to let dry completely, to prevent rust.

Other Outdoor Items

Glass tabletops can be sprayed clean with a hose and dried before wiping them down with a microfiber cloth or newspaper and vinegar or glass cleaner. Vacuum cushions before cleaning them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. As with your furniture, ensure that your cushions are completely dry before storing them for the winter.

Don’t forget your grill. Heat it up, brush off any food and debris, and let it cool down. Scrub the grates, interior and exterior, with a degreaser before rinsing thoroughly and placing in grill storage for the winter.

Swap Out Your Summer Gear

Now is the time to stash your swimsuits and pool toys and pull all things warm from the attic or self storage. If you tend to wear your clothes more than once before washing them, launder or dry-clean all your warm-weather items before putting them away for the season. Put away those lightweight blankets and sheets in favor of thick comforters and flannel sheets.

Whether you store your belongings on your property or in a storage unit, consider ditching cardboard boxes for storage containers with tight-fitting lids. You’ll help prevent pest infestations while keeping your things safe and clean.

Get Ready for Cozy

Couple cuddled up on a sectional couch, smiling at each other

We probably don’t need to remind you to buy fall candles, pumpkin-flavored coffee, or new sweaters. But it’s hard to stay cozy in a cold, dark house. Get on track for the comfiest, coziest fall ever by handling these tasks before temperatures drop:

  • Insulate pipes
  • Buy or cut firewood
  • Stock up on matches
  • Have your fireplace inspected
  • Change or clean your furnace filter
  • Schedule routine furnace maintenance
  • Pull out your stored warmer bedding, throws, and clothing
  • Clean the coils on your outdoor A/C unit and place a cover on it

Breaking out the humidifier might seem counterintuitive after months of muggy days, but it can keep your family more comfortable and prevent firewood from cracking in the warm, dry environs of your home. Ensure that your fire extinguishers and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order. It might seem like a lot of work, but taking care of these chores now will help ensure a happy, safe, warm home front throughout the fall and winter months.

Get Outside

Give your outdoor space the attention it deserves with a pre-winter cleanup. From maintaining gutters and clearing outdoor clutter to lining up cold-weather RV storage, prep your property with these fall chores:

  • Reserve RV and/or boat storage
  • Check walkways for trip hazards
  • Pick up lawn bags for fall yard cleanup
  • Have your roof inspected or do it yourself
  • Clear debris and water from gutters before equipping them with mesh gutter guards
  • Close valves to outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems before draining them of water
  • Examine your foundation and the exterior of your house for gaps to prevent air leaks and pest infestations

Clean any lawn ornaments, birdbaths, pool toys and accessories, and other outdoor gear before putting it in your garage, shed, or storage unit. Wrap breakable items in beach towels to save space. This is a great time to take advantage of deals on deck boxes for easy storage of those small items that can clutter your outdoor living area next summer.

Before you stock up on hot chocolate, pumpkin pie filling, and apple cider, take care of those end-of-summer must-dos. You’ll be glad you did when opportunities for hayrides, apple orchard visits, Halloween parties, and other types of fall fun come your way. Go Store It can make prepping for cold weather easier with storage units for all your autumn needs.

Store Your Summer Items With Go Store It

From grill storage to a place for your warm-weather decor and clothing, count on us to safeguard your summer stuff until spring comes around again. With locations around the Midwest and East Coast, we simplify the process of storing your belongings for the season. And don’t forget your vehicles—we offer safe RV and boat storage too! Reserve self storage online today at a convenient location near you.

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