How To Quickly Clear Clutter in Your Home in 5 Steps

As you live in your home, it seems to fill up with things you don’t even remember buying. With the rush of today’s world and the renewed care for relationships, it can feel difficult to set time aside to declutter your household. Here are some home organization tips to help your space feel clutter-free in a pinch.

The Three-Box Tip

When you start to declutter your home, there is a quick way to be able to visualize your progress by placing items into boxes. The three ways you should sort your items are by things you want to keep, donate, and throw out. For example, if you try on clothes and decide you don’t like how an item looks, put it into a donation pile. However, if you come across a toaster that quit working a year ago, throw it out.

A Good Storage System

Perhaps you have cleaned out your home once or twice already and still feel that you are constantly searching through every cabinet for things you need or sifting through piles trying to find a specific item. Good storage in your home is the key. Placing items where they are used most keeps disorganization at bay and limits confusion.

The Power of Reorganizing

Sometimes clutter just needs a little shifting around to make your space feel more open and decluttered. Try stacking items that are a similar size (like magazines or books) to take up less room on a table. Purchase furniture with built-in storage space or buy items that are tall enough to place storage bins underneath them.

One-Year Rule

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “I may need this someday” when you declutter your home. If you haven’t used an item within a year, you probably no longer need it. Of course, this doesn’t include emergency items like flashlights and fire extinguishers.

Hunting through your home for items you haven’t used in a long time is a quick way to get rid of items and clear up space.

Take Advantage of Self Storage

Hesitant to get rid of unused items? Rent a self storage unit near you to declutter your home and still have access to all your items when needed. Be sure to rent an appropriately sized storage unit that will comfortably fit all your items and has the features you need.

Once clutter starts to pile up in your home, it can be difficult to ever see the end of it. As the mess grows bigger and bigger, cleaning it up seems more daunting every day. However, by following these five home declutter tips, you’ll have your house looking brand new in no time. Reserve a self storage unit with Go Store It now!

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