Is the Attic Too Hot to Use for Storage at Home?

Attic with a window and sunbeam of light shining into the space.

When it comes to attic storage, you can never be too careful with the things you store away. Most people use the attic as their personal self storage space, but it’s not always the best place to keep temperature-sensitive items. Go Store It has the scoop on what you should and shouldn’t store in the attic to keep your belongings protected from damage.

What You Can Store in the Attic

Seasonal Decorations

The attic storage space is ideal for keeping seldom-used items such as holiday decorations and supplies. Christmas tree boxes, Halloween décor, and Thanksgiving supplies are just some of the things that can be placed in the attic without too much worry.


Want to save space in the kitchen cabinets? Use your attic to store excess pots and pans and other kitchenware that only gets in the way. Spare dishes, utensils, and small appliances are also a good fit for the attic.

Crafting Supplies

Extra crafting supplies can go in the attic as long as they’re kept out of direct sunlight. Consider your attic for storing project bins with items like yarn, construction paper, and thread.

What Not to Store in the Attic

Photo Albums

You never want to store temperature-sensitive possessions like photo albums in your attic. The high heat and humidity will ruin the photos and similar items such as posters and paintings.


Heat and humidity cause damage to electronics such as game consoles, DVD players, and TVs. High heat can melt and warp the plastic, and extreme cold can crack the surface. Humidity may compromise the sensitive components within the electronics, causing them to malfunction.

Various Furniture

Antique wood and leather furniture should be kept in a temperature-controlled environment. A humid attic will damage the furniture and cause rust to form on dresser knobs, metal tables, and bed frames.

Why Use Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

Climate-controlled storage units provide a consistent temperature no matter the season. Whether it’s summer or winter, your items stay sheltered from the damaging effects of extreme heat, cold, and humidity. You can’t get that in your attic storage space unless it’s a finished, insulated area with climate control. At Go Store It, we can help you pick out a self storage space for your personal belongings and keep them protected throughout the year.

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