What Items Should Be Stored in a Climate-Controlled Unit?

Woman moving red couch, storage boxes, and plants into climate controlled storage unit.

Whether you’re always tripping over the kids’ sports gear or you need a central place to stash your things during a move, a storage unit can be a huge help. If you’ve never safeguarded your belongings at a storage facility, though, you probably have questions about how to store furniture and other items. With self storage in Pooler, GA, and other communities, we can help you decide whether you need climate-controlled storage.

Climate-Controlled Storage Basics

Most climate-controlled units are kept at optimal temperatures to protect contents from humidity and extreme heat or cold. Many everyday items can be stored in a standard unit, but some factors can make objects more vulnerable to damage from moisture and weather changes, including:

  • moving parts
  • perishability
  • delicate materials

Of course, there are other considerations when it comes to choosing between climate-controlled and standard self storage. It may be worth opting for climate control when you’re dealing with collectibles or belongings with financial or sentimental value.

Materials to Keep in Climate Control

For anyone wondering how to store furniture, keep in mind that the following items fare best in climate-controlled storage:

  • wood
  • rugs
  • metal
  • leather
  • upholstery

Wood tends to warp in hot, damp environments. Glued pieces may also come apart at the seams of wooden furniture. Moisture damages the backing on rugs and carpet, metal sometimes rusts, and upholstery can harbor bacteria in its nooks and crannies. Dampness has been known to mar leather’s beauty and shorten its lifespan. In a climate like that of Pooler, fluctuating temperatures can cause many materials to contract and expand. That’s why it’s recommended that engines, wooden items, and anything else that could crack be placed in a climate-controlled unit.

How to Find Climate-Controlled Storage in Pooler, GA

If you’re wondering how to store furniture and other possessions in a way that reduces the risk of damage, get in touch with Go Store It today. Our friendly staff is happy to help you choose the right unit for your needs. Pressed for time? Reserve self storage online today at our facility in Pooler, GA, or one of our many other locations in the eastern U.S.

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