Spring Cleaning and Sanitation Tips for Around Your Home

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A thorough spring cleaning is good for both the body and soul—and spring isn’t over yet. From meticulously sanitizing your home to achieving the ultimate in home organization, this post-winter project gets your household ready for the year ahead. Offering quality self storage in North Carolina, South Carolina, and other states, the Go Store It team is here to help with spring cleaning tips for a safe, sparkling, and clutter-free home—whether it’s served as your office, classroom, or simply a place to relax this spring.

Declutter Before Cleaning

Make your cleaning project less overwhelming—and give yourself less to clean—by donating, selling, recycling, or placing anything you no longer love or need in a storage unit. Whether you sell your belongings on eBay, donate them to Goodwill, or give them to a friend, removing excess stuff provides a clean slate. The visual progress will also give you the momentum you need to complete more difficult tasks.

Disinfecting, Sanitizing, and Other Spring Cleaning Tips

Go beyond vacuuming and dusting to get to those problem areas you’ve been wanting to tackle. For instance, disinfecting surfaces is more important now than ever. Before dousing countertops and fixtures with bleach, though, brush up on which cleaning products can be used on the materials in your home without causing damage. Never mix bleach with other cleaners. Note that most product labels have different instructions for disinfecting; the time you leave a bathroom disinfectant on the surface, for example, is usually 10 minutes versus the quick spray-and-wipe needed to simply clean it.

After cleaning germs and bacteria from doorknobs, light-switch plates, drawer pulls, and other surfaces, remove water stains from faucets and handles with lemon wedges. Make your shower head gleam by rubber-banding a vinegar-filled plastic bag around it overnight. Remove pen marks, small stains, and other blemishes from surfaces with a Magic Eraser or one of its many knock-offs. You can also create a paste from cream of tartar and just enough water for the right consistency. Make pots, pans, and teapots shine with this safe yet effective solution.

Home Organization

Once you’re done sanitizing your home, it’s time to get everything back in its place (aside from just your cleaning supplies). Make it easy for everyone to put items back with under-sink organizers. Invest in a stylish spice rack, and gain easy access to everything in your cabinets with tiered storage racks or lazy Susans. Consider putting seldom-used belongings in self storage so you can place everyday items front-and-center in your home. This is also a good time to make minor changes to room layouts for better flow.

Seeking Space to Stay Organized at Home? Go Store It!

Get your spring project in gear with these spring cleaning tips from Go Store It. Need self storage near Charleston, SC, Augusta, GA, or Asheville, NC? We have storage units in a wide range of sizes across the Southeast to help you achieve your home organization goals.

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