How To Store Art Supplies the Right Way

While art supplies help create meaningful and irreplaceable pieces, they’re notoriously difficult to store properly. And, when you invest in quality supplies, you want to be able to preserve their shelf life and utility.

Whether you’re moving or just hoping to declutter some space at home, Go Store It has expert advice to help keep art supplies properly in your self storage unit.

How To Organize Art Supplies

Art supplies come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes. As you prepare to pack and store them, try to organize them accordingly. Store like supplies together like paints, clay, and tools so you can tackle a project without having to access every box in your storage unit. You can even get granular by storing similar small items within a box such as paint brushes of similar size and width together to save time and stress.

As you do so, label any containers with their contents and keep an inventory of your supplies and their locations. This should help prevent confusion and frustration when unpacking or locating them later. Also, mark any boxes containing fragile items with a clear, large, bright label, so you or anyone else knows to handle them with particular care. Keeping an organized storage unit will make getting to your supplies easier and quicker when it comes time to create.

Store Securely

Even when packed correctly, art supplies can be damaged by air and moisture. Make sure any paint, clay, and other materials are secured in proper containers. Wipe the edge of the opening free of any debris and cover it with plastic cling wrap before adding the cap or lid for extra security.

You may also want to invest in heavy-duty plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. These containers will help resist moisture, which can ruin art supplies and finished artwork. Depending on the weight of your supplies or medium, these containers may be better suited to handle the duress of travel.

Use Barriers

For finished pieces of art or fragile materials, use bubble wrap, soft cloth, and stretch wrap to protect against damage. Any physical barrier between the art piece and the outside world will help protect it.

When packing items into boxes, start with larger items at the bottom, then place barriers between or on top to prevent scratching or moving. Then fill any extra wiggle room with cloth, bubble wrap, or other packing materials. The less these fragile items can move, the better the chance of survival during moving and storage.

Invest in Climate-Controlled Storage

Despite our best efforts to pack well, changing temperatures can still cause art and art supplies to decay quickly. Climate-controlled storage units keep a consistent temperature and humidity and will help preserve your items and make sure they’re like you left them.

Self-Storage You Can Trust

Your art is important, and so is how you store it. Go Store It will accommodate your needs to ensure your items are kept safely and securely. Find a location near you and reserve a space today!

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