Make Tax Season Less Taxing: Business Document Storage 101

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Business owners and managers may have concerns about document storage. After all, no one wants to shred important tax documents only to find that they should have kept them. On the other hand, you may not want to contribute to office clutter by keeping these papers unnecessarily. Understanding how to store documents in a way that optimizes your small business storage space can help you stay both compliant and organized.

Know How Long to Keep Documents

If you’ve been dealing with the same tax professional for decades, chances are he or she has key tax documents on file for your business. Do-it-yourself types can save tax returns using most tax software; print them as a backup if relying on digital copies makes you nervous. How long you should keep returns depends on a wide variety of circumstances. Consult with the official IRS website to find guidelines for your unique situation.

Store Papers Safely

Whether you keep business documents at the office or in a commercial storage unit, proper organization keeps them safe and in order. Self storage units are often the best option, especially for small businesses with limited square footage. Business storage units offer a secure place to keep your essential papers without crowding your office.

Keep any papers you might soon need at the office, but take these steps for optimal document storage at a nearby facility:

  • Divide returns and other tax papers by year.
  • Make a checklist for each tax year’s documents.
  • Arrange files in chronological order to simplify retrieval.
  • Place papers in bankers’ boxes or filing cabinets.

Successful small business storage depends on thorough organization and dependable containers. Before placing key documents in self storage units, consider buying multiples of the same box or bin. No matter if you opt for clear plastic containers, bankers’ boxes, or file cabinets, avoid creating too large of a stack. Top-heavy columns of boxes and bins are also likely to tip over, leaving you with both a mess and a long hunt for the papers you need.

Commercial Units and Business File Storage from Go Store It

Tax time is stressful enough. Make your life easier by keeping your papers safe and in order. Whatever your field, well-organized document storage makes easy work of finding what you need as Tax Day approaches.

Go Store It offers dependable commercial and business file storage near you, along with a range of self storage units in Richmond, VA, and other locations. Contact us for more information, or reserve your unit online today. We’ll help take at least one item off your tax-time to-do list!

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