Tips for Swapping Out Your Seasonal Wardrobe

Whether you’re Team Swimsuit or Team Sweater, you can’t avoid swapping out your seasonal wardrobe. Getting your closet ready for cooler weather doesn’t have to be a major hassle, though. From preparing your clothes for seasonal storage to finding the right storage unit for your needs, our tips will help you make easy work of gearing up for fall. 

Dress for the Season

If the leaves have already started changing colors, you’re a little late when it comes to prepping for fall wardrobe storage. Don’t worry, though. You might shiver in your tank top and shorts, but you can still be autumn-appropriate if you take immediate action. The transitional period between summer and fall is perfect for layering while you start prepping your cool-weather wardrobe.

Declutter for Fall

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Be on the lookout for pieces that never escaped the depths of your closet during the warm-weather months. Look for damage, and try them on for fit and comfort. Ask yourself these questions when deciding whether to keep or get rid of each piece of clothing:

  • Does it fit well?
  • Is it flattering?
  • Have I worn it in the last year?
  • Do I have anything to go with it?
  • What is my gut reaction when I look at it?

Some items that didn’t make the cut can be sold online, at consignment stores, or even at a summer garage sale. Many stores and online platforms only accept clothes purchased in the last year or two, so read the fine print or ask questions before hauling in your old wardrobe. Avoid donating anything stained or needing repair. Most thrift stores won’t sell these items, so just toss or repurpose them instead.

Find Offseason Storage

If your attic or basement is musty and you don’t have room at the back of your closet for a bunch of storage containers, it’s time to reserve a space for your offseason clothes. Self storage is available in a range of sizes. If you just need a place to stash your shorts and flip-flops until next year, a 5×5 storage unit will do the trick.

Need more space to accommodate household items too? Upgrade to something a little bigger. Having a dedicated place for your clothes will help you stay organized all year round, and you’ll have easy access in case of unseasonal weather.

How To Store Offseason Clothes

Putting your clothes away for the season doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort. Put on some music and grab a fall beverage to make prepping your clothes less of a chore. These wardrobe storage tips will help you stay organized and on-task:

  • Sort clothes by function
  • Simplify storage and save space by rolling up each item
  • Clearly label each box or container with its entire contents
  • Place items you’ll need first in the front of the unit for easier retrieval
  • Consider hanging special-occasion or expensive pieces on a rack in cloth garment bags

If possible, use clear plastic containers with lids. Cardboard boxes degrade over time and can attract pests. Plus, you can skip labeling clear containers because you can see what’s inside. Whatever type of container you use, you’ll be glad you invested in seasonal storage when warm weather rolls around. Changing out your wardrobe for the season will be a breeze, and you’ll appreciate the extra space at home.

Prep Your Closet

Get even more excited about the season of apple cider and sweaters by freshening up your closet space. Remove any remaining clothes and shoes, and give the whole area a good dusting. Vacuum or clean the floor, and paint or add contact paper to dull or ugly shelves. Try these next-level tips to make your closet a place you love using every day:

  • Place cedar blocks in corners
  • Invest in a good shoe organizer
  • Pick up hanging organizers with shelves
  • Corral accessories with a back-of-door organizer

Arrange your clothes in a way that makes sense to you. Try sorting them by function (keep pants with pants, skirts with skirts, etc.), or place special-occasion pieces at the back and more commonly worn items where you can grab them first. Whatever your approach, getting dressed is easier when you know where everything is. 

Store Your Seasonal Clothes With Go Store It

A storage unit can be a game-changer in maintaining a tidy closet. Go Store It Self Storage offers secure, convenient wardrobe storage at a location near you. Whether you just need a safe place to stash your summer clothes for the winter or want seasonal storage for your outdoor furniture, holiday decorations, and other household items too, our self storage facilities can help you stay organized and clutter-free all year round.

Our storage unit size guide makes easy work of choosing the right storage unit size, so you can spend your time doing the things that make fall everyone’s favorite time of year. To start maximizing your storage space, reserve a unit online now with Go Store It.

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