Why Musicians and Music-Lovers Can Rely on Storage Units

As a practicing musician, you know how much space your instruments can consume. Unfortunately, instrument storage is in high demand in Hendersonville, TN, and other communities in the Music City area, and with good reason. 

At Go Store It, we’ve discovered that our creative, musically inclined customers have found a myriad of ways to use their storage units to free up valuable space and protect investments. Find out how to make the most of your storage unit as a music lover, musician, or band manager. 

Instrument Storage Units

Whether you’re a touring musician or play the occasional local show, a storage unit with climate control is an excellent choice. Climate controlled storage units protect your instruments from the elements and keeps them safeguarded from theft. Band instruments stored in a tour van or trailer can be a target for would-be thieves, especially if you’re traveling to different venues on a regular basis.

The harsh temperature swings and humidity changes that plague us in Hendersonville, TN, are bad news for delicate wooden instruments and metal fixtures, so a storage unit with climate control is a smart investment. Keeping your gear in a unit with consistently mild temperatures and humidity helps preserve both functionality and beauty, meaning your gear will sound sharp and stay tuned gig after gig.

Guard Your Gear

Even if you’re not in a band, you’ll love having conveniently located storage for your instruments. Whether you have a single acoustic guitar, a drum set, or a huge collection of your favorite instruments at home, a storage unit helps keep your house clutter-free while protecting your equipment.

Climate controlled storage units can also protect your expansive record collection from heat, cold, and humidity. If your vinyl is stored improperly at home, your records can become warped, meaning your prized albums won’t contact your turntable’s needle properly. Storing your records away from home also means keeping them out of the hands of kids, roommates, or any type of accident that can damage or ruin your music.

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Go Store It helps music lovers protect their instruments and records from weather and theft. If you live in Hendersonville TN, reserve a storage unit online or at our kiosk at 1249 Avondale Road. Need more information about instrument storage? Contact our friendly staff for answers to your questions, and don’t forget to ask about our move-in specials!

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