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Climate-Controlled Storage in Asheville, NC

With breathtaking views of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains as well as quick access to Beaver Lake, it’s easy to find a way to enjoy the great outdoors living in Asheville, NC. While spending time outside visiting the Asheville sites such as the Botanical Gardens of Asheville or Richmond Hill Park might sound like a great time for you, your storage items might not share your joy for the outdoors. 

Thankfully, Go Store It has what you need with climate-controlled storage in Asheville, NC. Now, you can store your delicate items made of leather, lace, or wood in an environment that is more regulated and offers a more sustainable solution for your items. Find a Go Store It facility near you to begin renting your Asheville climate-controlled storage unit today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What storage facilities offer climate control in Asheville, NC?

Each of our storage facilities in Asheville offers climate-controlled storage options perfect for all your delicate belongings. Find us conveniently located off Interstate 26 and Interstate 240 in West Asheville, North Asheville, and Woodfin. When you need top-of-the-line climate-controlled storage in Asheville, visit one of the following facilities:

How do I know if I need climate-controlled storage in Asheville?

For delicate items in need of a more temperature-regulated environment, climate-controlled storage is your solution. Our Asheville storage units keep a consistent temperature range all year long, guarding against damage from extreme heat or cold. Store personal items vulnerable to warping, cracking, melting, and rusting. Or improve inventory management by storing filing cabinets and equipment in our secure facility. Choose our unique feature for peace of mind and long-lasting preservation.

What can I store in a climate-controlled storage unit?

Climate-controlled units are ideal for any items that you think might be damaged as a result of extremely high or low temperatures. Items that need to be considered as you determine whether or not climate-controlled storage is right for you include:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Wooden furniture
  • Clothing made of leather or lace
  • Electronics
  • Musical instruments 
  • Paper documents such as books or newspapers
  • Metal athletic equipment such as bats or golf clubs

Browse through our wide variety of sizes to find out which unit is the right size for you before renting your climate-controlled unit from Go Store It. 

Reserve Your Asheville, SC, Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Today

Give your delicate storage items the escape they need from the North Carolina heat at Go Store It. We are here to help you find exactly what you need for all your unique storage needs. Browse through our available locations to find the one closest to you and reserve your climate-controlled storage unit in Asheville online today.

Need climate-controlled storage outside of Asheville? Look at our other storage facilities in North Carolina to find the one that works for you.

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