Best Ways to Store Your Vinyl Record Collection

Love your record collection but don’t know what to do with it? Even our favorite LPs and 45s can become a hassle when they start taking up valuable space. Whether you live in a small home or your collection just seems to be mushrooming, proper vinyl record storage is a must. Personal self storage is a great way to contain the overflow, and climate-controlled storage units in particular are ideal for preservation. Check out these best practices for protecting your treasured music media.

Keep Records Clean and Handled with Care

Vinyl records can last a century under the right conditions. Dust, debris, heat, pressure, and moisture cause distortion and surface noise, but proper handling and vinyl record storage will keep your records play-ready. Wash your hands to prevent fungal growth from body oils, placing your fingers along the edge and on the label of the disc. Album covers and sleeves are more susceptible to damage than the records they contain. Replace damaged or moldy paper sleeves to protect your records, or invest in static-free polyethylene liners.

How to Store Your Records

Place your records in open shelving if possible; opt for wood instead of metal to avoid static. If you use boxes or tubs, keep the lid off or the box open to allow air circulation. The following containers are good options:

  • book boxes
  • wine crates
  • milk crates
  • record cases
  • record crates

Stand records up straight, as laying them flat on top of each other causes warping. Store LPs and singles separately, leaving a little bit of space between records. Alphabetical dividers also make easy work of supporting and organizing your collection.

Where to Store Vinyl Records

No matter if you choose self storage or stash your vinyl at home, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Store vinyl in an area with low humidity.
  • Avoid heat, aiming for room temperature or lower.
  • Keep records away from speakers, washing machines, dishwashers, or other devices and appliances that vibrate.

If your guest room or another heated and cooled space serves as your vinyl record storage area, consider purchasing a hygrometer. This affordable little tool measures humidity to ensure that your collection is stored at 35 to 40 percent relative humidity or below. Climate-controlled storage units are even better. In addition to being stored within consistent temperature and humidity ranges, your records will be out of the way of kids, pets, household vibrations, and other hazards.

Vinyl Record Storage Solutions near You

Give your record collection the TLC it deserves with proper vinyl record storage. From handling and packing your discs the right way to placing them in a carefully controlled self storage space, the right habits will keep your collectible and everyday records in tip-top shape. Safeguard your records while freeing up space at home with climate-controlled storage units. Don’t hesitate to contact Go Store It for answers to your specific storage questions, or reserve a unit online today at one of our many U.S. locations.

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