How To Choose the Right Self Storage Unit Size

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Moving your belongings into self storage can be a more complicated experience than you initially thought. Luckily, the process is made all the easier and more efficient when you research ahead of time and select the perfect storage unit size for your needs.

When you choose the right storage unit, you not only save money but gain the ability to declutter and regain control of your residential and commercial space. In this blog post, our team at Go Store It will help you in your research and show you how to choose the right self storage unit size for your needs.

Why Should I Care About My Storage Unit Size?

While it’s easy to think that finding the right size storage unit doesn’t matter, it can ultimately lead to financial benefits in and out of the storage facility. By knowing what storage unit size you need, you won’t be overpaying for space you won’t need to use. Other benefits you can get from the right storage unit size include:

  • Saving money on rent or mortgage payments
  • Using self storage during a move or renovation
  • Saving valuable space for business inventory and equipment
  • Cutting down on clutter in your home

Storage Unit Organization Tips

After understanding why the right storage unit size can help you, it’s time to start organizing your belongings and searching for your perfect unit! However, finding the right unit can be more difficult than you think. We recommend taking these few steps to determine your ideal storage unit size.

Determine What You Need To Store

First, you must determine what items to put in your storage unit. The number of items you think you need at home but can be better kept in self storage is often higher than you think.

There are plenty of items that are prime decluttering material, from unused appliances and supplies, to rarely worn clothing. Just consider how much you use a particular item. If the answer is not often, consider putting it in self storage. You might be surprised how many things you’ll want to store.

Know How Much You’re Going To Store

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The second step is knowing how much in total you’re going to put in your storage unit. After you’ve gathered all your belongings for self storage, pack them up in boxes and containers. This way, you’ll know how much you’ll be storing and can determine your storage unit size from there. If you need help with the packing process, visit our packing tips page.

Common Storage Unit Sizes

Once you know how much you need to store, it’s time to look into the storage units themselves. By utilizing our size guide, you can better understand how big each storage unit is and how much you can store. The following are a few of our most common storage unit sizes for you to choose from.


These small storage units are equivalent to a standard walk-in closet and are typically ideal for smaller loads, such as a few boxes of items or small furniture and appliances. You can additionally use these units for storing seasonal decor and office supplies.


Relative in size to a large shed, 5×10 storage units provide 50 square feet of space to store various items from a small apartment or the furnishings of a bedroom or single office. Some common items stored in 5×10 storage units include mattresses, artwork, musical instruments, midsize electronics, and coffee tables.


These medium-sized storage units are not too big or small but are perfect for storing the contents of a one-bedroom home. Common items stored in 10×10 units include household furniture such as sofas and tables, electronics, and office desks and shelves.

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Around the size of a large bedroom, 10×15 storage units have enough room to fit the contents of a two-bedroom home. Ideal items for this unit include bulky household furniture, outdoor equipment, and major appliances such as washers and dryers.


Roughly the same size as a large garage, 10×20 storage units are ideal for larger loads like the contents of a three- or four-bedroom home. With more space to utilize, 10×20 storage units can store more furniture, office inventory, and equipment than smaller unit sizes.


These large storage units are the most common size for people looking for a bigger space. Our 10×30 units are ideal for canoes, bicycles, entertainment centers, refrigerators, large and bulky household items and furniture, and items that aren’t easily boxed up.

Find Your Perfectly Sized Storage Unit at Go Store It

For the best storage units near you, look no further than Go Store It! Among our many storage unit sizes available, we have an extensive line of features and amenities unique to each location to optimize your experience. Whether you need household and business storage solutions or a climate-controlled storage unit, you can find it with us. Find your nearest Go Store It location online to rent or reserve your perfectly sized storage unit today!

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