The Financial Benefits of Self Storage

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These days, people and businesses tend to have more stuff than they do space. For space-conscious homeowners, apartment-dwellers, and businesses, the overabundance of belongings and business inventory or equipment can make moving around your home or facility a real headache. Luckily, there’s a cost-effective solution for this situation: self storage.

If you’ve never considered renting a self storage unit for your home or business, you might be worried that it costs too much for the benefits you’d receive. But that’s not the case. Self storage facilities today offer more benefits and amenities than ever. Monthly rates are more competitive now than in the past. Depending on where your storage unit is located, renting additional space for your equipment can lead to a more efficient business.

Let’s walk through the financial benefits of renting affordable self storage as a homeowner and business owner.

Save Money on Rent or a Mortgage

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Think about the clutter in your home and the things you wish you had more space for. Maybe you’d like to start a new hobby that requires more room, or perhaps you’ve got an attached garage that doesn’t have ample room for your cars in the winter. You might be tempted to seek out a larger apartment or buy a new home to allow for that additional space. But depending on where you live, that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars more.

Consider an alternate solution: a self storage unit in one of many different sizes. Whether you’re on the hunt for a closet-sized space to stow your seasonal decorations or a full-sized unit for lawnmowers, snow blowers, and more, there’s plenty of room in a self storage unit for these things. If your new hobby means clearing out a former guest bedroom, one of the benefits of climate-controlled storage is a convenient location to store wooden furniture and keepsakes that might otherwise see damage due to exposure to the elements.

Storage units are also great for empty nesters who want some answers on how to downsize without immediately selling or throwing away many of their belongings. Simply move those items into a storage location near you and pick through, sort, and sell them at your leisure.

Utilize Self Storage During a Move or Renovation

Self storage is also a great fit for moving or remodeling. Temporarily storing your belongings during transition periods, such as heavily remodeling a space or shopping for a new apartment or house in a new city, allows you to focus on finding the perfect place to call home instead of settling for something based on accommodating all your belongings.

Renting storage can also help during the home staging process as you cut down on clutter to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Because staging can also help you pack items you no longer need, it can speed along the moving process, too.

Save Valuable Space for Business Inventory and Equipment

It’s not just homeowners who benefit from self storage, business owners have plenty to brag about, too. When you rent a storage unit for your company, you have the flexibility to offload old documents, additional equipment, inventory overstock, and more. Instead of paying more to lease additional square footage for your commercial space, consider offsite storage near you.

When you rent a storage unit for excess inventory or equipment, you can make space for the items you know will sell well, which helps maximize your profits. In the case of businesses that use heavy seasonal equipment like lawnmowers or snow blowers, a drive-up self storage unit can help protect your equipment from the elements when it’s not in use.

Construction companies can also benefit, as tools can be stored in a central location; your teams can easily grab what they need and head to the job site. Most storage facilities allow you to delegate access to team members, which means you can focus on what counts: sales, management, and more.

Storing your items isn’t the only thing that makes self storage a great financial option for businesses. Many locations offer business center services, including free delivery acceptance, which means you don’t have to stay shackled to your desk when expecting a package.

Cut Down on Clutter

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It doesn’t matter if you’re running a business out of your home or simply want to be more organized, using self storage to reduce the amount of stuff around the house can be a net positive. Renting storage can also be an excellent way to prepare for a yard sale. Use your storage unit to stage items for sale and keep them out of your way, then load them up and bring them back when you’re ready to make money.

How To Save Money On Your Self Storage Rental

Once you’ve decided to commit to self storage, it’s time to find an affordable, convenient storage facility to move your belongings into. And that’s pretty easy. The self storage business has exploded in popularity over the last decade, which means there’s often no shortage of locations near you. Before you decide to rent a storage unit, consider the following:

  • Measure how much storage you need. While no rule says you can’t rent a larger unit and hope to eventually fill it, it’s much better (and more cost-effective) to rent a storage unit that fits what you need to store today.
  • Shop around for discounts. Some storage providers offer discounts for military service members and their families. Others pass savings along to college students. Most storage facilities will offer discounted rates if you book your unit and reserve or rent online. If you need to see a storage unit before you rent, consider reserving the unit first before you tour the facility.
  • Avoid places that require long-term leases. Most storage facilities no longer force renters into long-term contracts, but this should be a big red flag. If you’re asked to commit to renting for a year or other minimum term, walk away.

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Whether you’re a small business owner whose current commercial space just doesn’t offer enough room or a homeowner looking to downsize before a big move, self storage is an affordable, convenient option that can keep you from spending too much on a new location. Ready to get started? Find the nearest Go Store It storage facility to you to rent or reserve your storage unit today!

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