Business Storage Solutions to Streamline Your Operations

From pop-up boutiques to corporate offices, every business reaches a point where it needs an organizational refresh. Cluttered desks, cramped inventory rooms, and even crowded storefronts can leave your commercial space feeling smaller than it truly is, which can harm the quality of your work environment.

If you’re ready to give yourself more elbow room at work, see how a self storage unit can work for you and your business operation.

How to Maximize Your Small Business Storage Space

As any small business owner knows, you have to make the most of the limited square footage you have. While a smaller storefront (hopefully) means smaller bills and lower rent, not having the same real estate size as larger competitors could leave you at a disadvantage. The less room you have, the harder it is to maintain a balance between how much inventory you can keep on hand and how many customers can comfortably shop in your store.

Before you bite the bullet and buy a larger storefront, try to incorporate some of the following organizational ideas. In addition to saving you space, they can help you spruce up your store’s appearance.

Make the Most of Your Walls

Pegboards, slat wall panels, and even suspended bars and ladders can help you use your small business’s walls to their full potential. The more vertically your inventory can be stored, the more floor space you’ll have for customers.

Plus, you can make your offerings more visually appealing with these unique storage methods. Hang t-shirts on pegs, wrap scarves around ladder rungs, or hang plants from the ceiling. Show off your brand’s personality!

Become Best Friends with Shelving

The last thing your boutique or service needs is a messy backroom. Keep your inventory and supplies easy to access with industrial shelving. You can even label sections of your shelves to ensure even your newest hire knows where to find things. Make staying organized even easier by using buckets and bins to make sure items don’t get jumbled or lost.

Organizational Tips for Your Office Space

Consistent growth in your workforce is a sign that your company is healthy and thriving. However, your new hires could be putting new levels of strain on the available space in your office.

If you’re in the middle of a lease or haven’t seen quite enough revenue growth to justify a move, the addition of new employees may be leaving your office feeling like a can of sardines. Before your team resorts to using double-decker desks, try the following tips for maximizing office space.

Declutter Your Desk

Freeing up space in the workplace should begin at your very own desk. No matter if your office is at home or in the heart of the city’s business district, there’s always room to improve its available storage space. Without proper organization, your documents, office supplies, and mail can pile up around you before you know it.

Aside from being unpleasant to look at, that clutter may be harming your productivity. The more items you have all over your desk, the more easily distracted you may be. There are several things you can do to manage the mess, such as:

  • Organizing documents in folders or filing cabinets
  • Scanning and uploading documents to your computer
  • Throwing away old mail
  • Getting a drawer organizer

Give Your Team Options

Whether your business is growing or your leased office has limited room to begin with, finding desk spaces can be a challenge. Being flexible regarding where your team works can help maximize space. If possible, give your employees the option of working from home to free up in-office spots.

You should also consider incorporating a coworking space into your office. Convert neutral spaces, such as your welcome area or coffee bar, into coworking spaces if your available desks are limited.

If possible, try giving your team the option to take large department meetings outdoors during the warmer months of the year. Along with creating a bit more wiggle room, working outdoors has several benefits, such as refreshing your team’s energy levels.

Go Digital with Your Record Keeping

Countless filing cabinets chock-full of paper records are a thing of the past—and they steal valuable space from your office. While the transition to paperless record keeping may take some time, it’s worth it in the long run. In addition to helping you create valuable real estate in your workplace, other benefits of paperless record keeping include:

  • Easier Document Access – No more digging through countless folders! Just search for the file you need in the office drive and find it almost instantly.
  • More Environmentally-Friendly – Going paperless is a major way to make your office greener. Speaking of green, paperless record keeping can help you save on printing costs.
  • Improved Security – Anyone can open a filing cabinet and take out sensitive documents. With digital records, it’s easier to limit access to documents and track who has accessed them.

Hesitant about completely getting rid of your paper documents, or have a legal requirement to keep them? Try moving them into more vertical filing cabinets to minimize the footprint of your paper documents in the office.

Still Need More Space? Go Store It!

If it still feels like the walls of your small business space are closing in on you after trying all these organizational ideas, there’s one more solution: self storage.

With a self storage unit, you can give yourself the additional room you need for inventory management, records, or business equipment. Plus, a storage unit is more affordable than renting a larger storefront or office. Renovating your storefront or office to open up more space? Keep desks, printers, and other larger items out of the construction zone in a storage unit.

Create Much-Needed Commercial Storage Space with Us

When your boutique, workshop, or office is short on space, head to Go Store It Self Storage. We offer a wide selection of self storage unit sizes, ranging from 5×5 to 10×30 square feet. Only need your unit for a few months? Take advantage of our short-term leases to make your storage experience even more affordable.

To make our storage solutions convenient for businesses, we also provide the following features and more:

  • Extended access hours
  • Business delivery acceptance
  • ClickandStor® 24/7 move-in
  • Drive-up access to your unit

Take the first step toward streamlining your office space. When you’re ready to rent storage, visit your nearest Go Store It facility, reserve a unit online, or contact us today!

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