How to Organize Your Storage Unit Using Shelves

Shelves in storage unit.

As summer rolls around, it is time to take your summer items out of storage, and put your winter items back. Maintaining the organization of your storage unit is essential throughout your storage rental so that the process goes smoothly and doesn’t cause any stress. A key player to organizing your self storage unit no matter the season is storage shelves. Keep reading to learn about the best type of storage shelves along with storage tips and organization tips for your self storage unit.

How To Get Started

Before organizing your storage unit, you’ll want to figure out a system that works best for you and your space. Place similar items together so that you know what needs to be stored together. This will also give you the chance to maybe throw out some items that you no longer need. If you are transitioning from summer storage to winter, pull out all of your summer items first. Emptying the space will give you a clean slate when needing to add more storage. Also, you will need a clear space to add storage shelves to your unit.

The Best Types of Storage Shelves

Adding storage shelves to your unit allows more floor space for other items, and even space to walk around in your unit for easier access. The best types of shelves you will want to look for are ones that are easy enough to carry, but still sturdy enough to hold your items. Free-standing shelves that you can build will be your best bet for easy delivery and set up.

When it comes to a specific shelf material, wire shelving is common and reliable. Wire shelving is sturdy and still easy to manage on your own, and the wiring helps to create more air circulation if you do not have a climate-controlled unit, which will ultimately better protect your items.

Once you have picked what type of shelving you want, be sure to consider the dimensions of your unit compared to the shelves. It is better to get two smaller shelves than one big one that will not accommodate your space.

Storage Tips With Shelves

When you decide what goes on your storage shelves, be sure to place heavier items towards the bottom. You may also consider placing items that you rarely need on the higher, hard-to-reach parts of your shelves so that when you go to grab what you need those items are in a reachable spot. Another storage tip for your unit is to keep a foldable step stool in your unit so that you can always be ready to rearrange. As you work your way from bottom to top, make sure that the items next to each other make sense for you.

Organization Tips

The type of organization system you use on your shelving is also important. When using bins, opt for clear ones so that you can easily see what is inside. It’s also good to leave an open path so you’re not climbing over furniture and boxes to get to what you need.

Packing and Moving Supplies

In order to have the most organized storage unit possible, you need the right supplies. Things like labels and furniture covers will make a world of difference in organizing and protecting your belongings in storage. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to get the supplies you need. You can find boxes, tape, labels, and other organizational materials available for purchase right at our Go Store It storage facilities for utmost convenience.

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