How to Store and Protect Your Christmas Decorations

Even the most organized—and spirited—among us struggle when it comes to putting away Christmas decorations. After the excitement of the holidays, finding the time and energy to neatly pack those ornaments, candles, lights, and wrapping paper can be challenging. Fortunately, storing holiday decorations doesn’t have to be difficult. At Go Store It Self Storage in Bacliff, TX, we’ve learned a thing or two about seasonal storage over the years and are happy to offer some of our best tips.

Holiday Storage Space

These days, there’s a storage container for everything; that includes Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas decorations! If you’re ready to go next level with your seasonal storage, consider installing a storage “loft” in your garage or shed. These raised platforms keep cherished holiday decorations safely out of the way until the next time you need them. If you lack the space for this handy invention, a storage unit could be the answer.

Especially amid Bacliff’s extreme summer heat, stowing away sensitive decor in your garage or attic during the off-season may do more harm than good. Plus, storing seasonal items offsite helps keep your home tidy, and you’ll have space for other infrequently used belongings as well. Wherever you store your decorations, clear plastic containers with lids are an excellent choice. You’ll be able to see what’s inside of every container, and they come in a wide variety of sizes.

How to Store Christmas Trees

Artificial trees are notoriously difficult to store. If you’ve ever wrangled one into an attic, you know what we mean. Tree bags on rolling bases make easier work of storing your tree. Simply zip up the bag around the tree and roll it out the door or onto the steps—with a little help, of course. These bags often have heavy-duty hooks so you can easily hang your tree from the ceiling. If you’re looking to save a little money and space, take a cue from DIYers and wrap your tree in cellophane. Prevent a tangled mess next Christmas by wrapping tree lights around foot-long, rectangular sections of cardboard or coffee cans.

Storing Ornaments and Other Holiday Decorations

Tree ornaments can be delicate and require a little extra TLC. While you can buy ornament boxes, you’ll also find plenty of items around the house that are perfect for storing these dainty Christmas decorations.

For instance, the divided cases that liquor stores get their wine in make excellent homes for ornaments. Wrap each one in tissue paper (preferably the acid-free variety), and place a few in each section. Clean egg cartons work well for tiny ornaments, and the original boxes from collectible ornaments will keep them dust-free and out of harm’s way. Wreaths are much simpler to store, provided you have space. A closet-organizing system rod makes a great home for a heavier wreath, while a spring-loaded rod is ideal for lighter styles and ornaments hung by ribbons. Wreath containers are also good for keeping dust and other hazards at bay.

Go Store Your Holiday Decor in Bacliff, TX

If you’re seeking a simple way to keep your holiday decorations protected and organized, start storing with Go Store It today. We offer seasonal storage and a secure, convenient place for the rest of your belongings, too. Reserve your Bacliff storage unit online at any time, or contact our team for more information.

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