Why You Should Consider Moving to Wilmington, NC

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When it comes to deciding where to move, it’s important to consider your options carefully, and do your research thoroughly. You may have a checklist of items you’re looking for when settling down. This list could include mountains, city life, or even a nearby beach. Luckily, Wilmington, NC, checks all these boxes and more. Wilmington is a midsize city with beautiful beaches and lovely neighborhoods and is quickly becoming a go-to location to make that life-changing shift.

What Wilmington, NC, Has to Offer

There are plenty of reasons why Wilmington, NC is an attractive destination for those considering a move. This up-and-coming city provides its residents with everything they need to create a fulfilling lifestyle, while still being able to relax.

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  1. The Beach: The coastal front is the immediate draw that gets residents and tourists hooked on the location. North Carolina is known for its gorgeous views, and Wilmington offers some of its most beautiful beaches. With the coastal lifestyle, you can enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, or simply relaxing in the sun.
  2. Family-Friendly: Any family moving to Wilmington, NC will love the activities and community that can light up a child’s life. The city is welcoming and full of parks, great schools, educational museums, and friendly neighbors. 
  3. Affordable cost of living: In comparison to other East Coast cities, Wilmington, NC provides housing prices that are affordable, making it an option to dive into.
  4. Vibrant Art Scene: Along with the beach, the welcoming vibes, and wallet-friendly economy, Wilmington, NC has a prominent art history with numerous museums, theaters, festivals, and galleries to bring in unique experiences every year.

Schools in Wilmington, NC

The schools in Wilmington, NC are in the New Hanover County Schools District. With over 25,000 students making up the district, there is a large variety of schools for parents to choose from with varying academic programs, teaching styles, advanced placement, and Baccalaureate courses.

Overall, there is a range of educational options to choose from to accommodate and challenge students as they’re making decisions for their future. With inspired educators at the helm, parents get to choose the school that fits their child’s needs.

Public Schools in Wilmington

Private Schools in Wilmington

Charter Schools in Wilmington

Cost of Living in Wilmington, NC

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One advantage to living in Wilmington is the cost of living. Wilmington is relatively affordable, with the cost of living being 4% lower than the national average. Per month, for one person, the average cost of living in Wilmington, NC is estimated to be $1,659, and for a family of four, it is approximately $3,912. Cost of living is an important factor to consider when choosing where to move, and Wilmington, NC, is budget friendly.

Is Wilmington, NC, Safe?

Activities, schools, cost of living and the beach can only be so important if you want to make sure the area is safe. Wilmington, NC has taken quite a few measures to ensure continued protection of the city and its residents, with crime decreasing 17% over the past 10 years, making it a city that invests in its people.

Moving to Wilmington, NC, with Go Store It

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