7 Signs You May Need a Storage Unit

Man sits in a cluttered room

Life is unpredictable. From cross-country career moves to downsizing after retirement, transitional phases and everyday activities can put a strain on our households and businesses. Luckily, there’s a solution to keeping your home or business in order during even the most hectic of times: self storage. If any of these seven situations apply to you, a storage unit may be in order.

1. There’s no room for a car in your garage.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I need a storage unit?” If your car hasn’t seen the inside of your garage in recent memory, the answer may be ‘yes’. While using your garage for storage space may help in a pinch, you could extend the life of your vehicle by protecting it from the elements. A storage unit makes the perfect home for those seldom used tools, bicycles, outdoor furniture, and more.

2. You couldn’t squeeze one more item into your living space.

If you can’t find room for a new air fryer, your closets are too crowded to hold another piece of clothing, or a couple more books might cause your bookshelves to crash, you need help. A storage unit will provide room to breathe — and space for the things that make your life a little better.

3. You have no place to enjoy your hobbies.

Doing the things you love is an essential part of life. So when a lack of space forces you to stop crafting, making music, painting, or home-brewing beer, it’s time to reassess the state of things. Self storage can help put the fun back into your day-to-day existence.

4. Your home has one or more rooms that can’t be used.

If you’ve read all the organization tips you can get your hands on but still feel like you’re living in a sea of clutter, it’s time to reclaim your space. Your home is meant to be lived in and enjoyed, not a place to stash stuff that doesn’t enhance your life. Before you head to the nearest container store or watch your next video packed with decluttering tips, give self storage a try.

5. You can’t find things when you need them.

One of the most popular storage tips is to find a place for everything. While this old maxim can seem downright impossible when you’re swimming in a sea of clutter, giving all your belongings a home is much easier with a storage unit. Having a space for all those bulky, seasonal, or infrequently used items frees up plenty of square footage so you can actually assign a spot for everything you own.

6. You’re embarrassed to go on Zoom calls.

If you’re like many of us, you’re working remotely at least some of the time these days. While working from home can certainly be convenient and even cozy, the stuff piling up in your office can make online meetings uncomfortable. Start by clearing clutter where you can; dedicating 15 minutes a day to a problem area will make it seem less overwhelming. Still have too much stuff? Stash it in self storage to make those long meetings a little less stressful.

7. Your business has outgrown its space.

Those decluttering tips you tried at home will only go so far at your place of business. If limited square footage is preventing you from stocking up on supplies or purchasing more inventory, self storage can help ease your pain. Free up more space in your office, warehouse, or storefront by placing tax documents, seasonal inventory, and important but seldom-used equipment in a storage unit.

When all the organization tips in the world can’t resolve your space issues, a storage unit can work wonders. Go Store It offers safe, convenient self storage in locations around the United States. You’ll find amazing specials and helpful amenities at our many facilities, so reserve a storage unit online today!

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