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20 May
Person moving.
College Student Self Storage: Your Space Solution Between Semesters

Your schedule can get a little crazy during the school year, making midterm and summer breaks much-needed distractions from your routine. Whether you’re working or relaxing, you’ll need a place for your things. Self storage offers the perfect way to keep off-season clothes, bulky sports gear and other belongings you’re not using at the moment...

19 Apr
Person doing taxes.
Make Tax Season Less Taxing: Business Document Storage 101

Business owners and managers may have concerns about document storage. After all, no one wants to shred important tax documents only to find that they should have kept them. On the other hand, you may not want to contribute to office clutter by keeping these papers unnecessarily. Understanding how to store documents in a way...

02 Apr
Two people sharing a dorm room.
Tips for College Students Living in Small Spaces

From living with peers for the first time to condensing your entire life into a single dorm room, going off to college presents its own unique challenge of limited living space. At first, it can be difficult to get organized and streamline your student life. No matter if you rent a student apartment with roommates...

15 Mar
Person carrying boxes.
Tips for Last-Minute Moves and Finding Housing Fast

In an ideal world, we always have plenty of time to organize, strategize, and prepare for a major life transition. But for one reason or another, that’s not always how things pan out. Sometimes it’s a positive development—like going away to college or transferring to a new job—or maybe time just got away from you....

11 Feb
Moving truck carrying furniture.
Drive-Up Storage Access vs. Indoor Storage Units

Convenience is adaptable. In the modern day, you have more options than ever when looking for a self storage unit that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you’re seeking some extra space in the short term or for the long haul, it’s important you know your options. Luckily, we did some of the legwork to make...

28 Jan
Pile of moving boxes.
How Many Boxes Do I Need for My Move?

Times of transition can be exciting, but if unprepared, they run the risk of becoming stressful. Whether you’re moving to Pooler, GA, as an individual, a family, or some other arrangement, knowing the number and types of boxes you’ll need for all of your belongings is imperative to an efficient moving process. No matter if...

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