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24 Nov
Person taping a moving box.
What Type of Storage Unit Do You Need?

Modern storage facilities and industry advances have made way for many different kinds of self storage unit offerings. From small indoor spaces to large drive-up units, your options are wide-ranging. Operating more than 40 storage facilities in multiple states, Go Store It Self Storage is here to guide you through storage types to decide which...

09 Oct
Two people moving boxes.
Pros and Cons: Renting a Moving Truck vs. Hiring Professional Movers

Although moving is often full of uncontrollable surprises, there’s one aspect that you can control: whether you rent a moving truck and move yourself or hire professional movers. It might seem like a simple decision, but there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to each option. Explore the pros and cons of renting a moving...

18 Sep
Children helping their mom move.
Does Homeowners or Renters Insurance Cover Moving Damages?

Moving comes with a whole sequence of stressors. From time constraints to anxiety about leaving your old home and neighborhood, common worries can take their toll. On top of it all, it’s important to note that not all homeowners insurance and renters insurance policies may cover damages from moving. The team at Go Store It—with...

10 Sep
People packing boxes.
Happy Medium: A Guide to Safely Storing All Your Physical Media

We live in a digital age where we can purchase books, music, movies, and games online—downloaded as ones and zeroes to our devices’ hard drives. Storing them is easy and comes down to making sure your digital devices themselves are well taken care of. But storing your physical media is more complicated. They take up...

28 Aug
Vinyl records.
Best Ways to Store Your Vinyl Record Collection

Love your record collection but don’t know what to do with it? Even our favorite LPs and 45s can become a hassle when they start taking up valuable space. Whether you live in a small home or your collection just seems to be mushrooming, proper vinyl record storage is a must. Personal self storage is...

14 Aug
At home tomato garden with various tomatoes growing.
Small-Space Gardening Ideas for Growing Vegetables

There’s nothing like a freshly picked tomato. Store-bought veggies just can’t compete with produce plucked straight from the garden. But if you live in an apartment or have a barely-there backyard, you may think growing your own vegetables is a pipe dream. Luckily, small-space vegetable gardening is here to change all that. These gardening ideas...

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